Best Carpet Flooring Options in Elk Grove

Here at DR Design & Remodel, we understand how important it is to find the right carpeting to accompany the remodeling process. Therefore, our 5,000 square foot showroom is filled with a wide variety of choices to ensure that each of our valued clients finds exactly what they are looking for.

Improve the Comfort and Safety of Each Room

Carpet flooring is much more comfortable than alternative options, and this is especially important for families that have children and pets. It is also vital to note that carpet offers more shock absorbency, and this is the perfect way to reduce strain on your knees. Additionally, the possibility of someone slipping and falling will be greatly minimized. If an incident does occur, carpeting will make the impact of the fall less severe, and this is critical in homes with toddlers and older individuals.

Aesthetic Qualities of Carpet

Our showroom offers you thousands of carpet colors and styles, and this makes it easy to select an aesthetically pleasing option that will blend perfectly with your decorating scheme. Whether you choose to use carpet as a neutral foundation or a bold focal point, we can help you find the ideal way to personalize your home.

Noise Reduction and High Wear

Carpet and cushioning pads have been proven to absorb the many noises that are made within the average home, including sounds that are made by electronics and footsteps. Therefore, selecting carpet flooring will let you reduce the noise that can be heard from each room. Proper care will also ensure that the beauty and overall life of your carpet will be preserved for many years.

Making an Environmentally Conscious Choice

Although some people opt to skip carpet in favor of hardwood floors, there are many viable reasons not to make this decision. For example, carpet will provide your home with actual thermal resistance, also known as R-value, and this will have a big impact on your energy bills. In fact, carpet is by far the most eco-friendly choice in colder climate areas because it naturally retains warm air longer than non-carpeted floors.

DR Design & Remodel carries a nice variety of choices that have been created by several high quality carpet manufacturers. You are invited to visit our showroom so that you can experience the beauty and comfort of each of our carpet flooring options.

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