Custom Cabinets

Top Notch Custom Cabinets For Home Renovation in Elk Grove

When it comes to remodeling jobs, there are many aspects of the project to consider. However, one thing is going to stand out more than anything else when you enter a room, and that is your cabinetry. If you are going to the trouble, and namely the expense, of remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or some other space in your home, the last thing you want is what the person next door has for cabinets. For your next project, you need to consider custom cabinets.

Why Custom Cabinets?

Your home is your personal space. You make it personal in how you decorate the walls, and what paint you choose. Custom cabinets are your own personal stamp on that living space. When you customize your storage space, you are gearing it to how you want those cabinets to be utilized, and more importantly, how they are going to look.

Maybe one of the problems in your bathroom or kitchen remodel is that you do not like the current cabinets that you have. Sure, you can go to a “big box store” and pick out your own color and style of cabinet space, but what you are choosing is what someone else said you want. How do they know what you want? The fact is, only you know what you want because you have that vision in your mind.

Custom cabinets can be used in all different parts of your home. If someone in your home has a cooking passion, they are going to have lots of pans and other dishes of varying sizes. Cookie cutter cabinets often just cannot hold everything, because they are not deep enough, or even sturdy enough. That bathroom you are wanting to renovate is going to need plenty of storage space for your towels. Also, you may be wanting a vanity where one does not exist currently. Custom cabinets allow you to take a room in its current layout, and completely redesign the space. Having versatility in your remodel job, makes the entire project worthwhile.

DR Design & Remodel is passionate about cabinets, and we want to partner with you on your next remodel job and transform the storage solutions from being mundane to something spectacular. We will work with you to get that vision from your mind, down to paper, and ultimately fully manifested in the form of your custom cabinets.

Where To Start?

So, you have decided on custom cabinets, but you do not know where to start. DR Design will work with you from start to finish to realize your vision. We use Omega Custom Cabinets in all our projects because custom cabinets are what Omega specializes in. They use only the best wood types that are hand selected by skilled craftsmen. These people are highly experienced in making custom cabinet space for all sorts of uses. Vanities, kitchen cabinets and islands, or bathroom wall storage, they do it all.  Omega also offers many options as well on color choices.  No more greys, browns, or whites, because you can choose the boldest of reds and blues or match the stain color you saw on your last vacation in that elegant hotel. They can even take your favorite color of fabric and turn it into a bold new look for your remodel project. The point is that you start with a company who shares your custom remodel vision. We are that company for your custom cabinets.

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