Elevate Home Entertaining: Wet Bars vs. Dry Bars

Are you the type of person who loves to entertain? Is your home the go-to gathering spot for family and friends? If so, then adding a wet bar or dry bar to your home might be the perfect way to elevate your hosting game. But before you dive into this type of project, we are here to help you understand the key differences between these two options and determine which one suits your style and needs. In this post, we’ll explore the features, pros, and cons of wet bars and dry bars to help you make an informed decision.


What’s the Difference Between a Wet Bar and a Dry Bar?

The distinction is simple and exactly what you’d guess. It is just a matter of plumbing: a wet bar includes a sink with running water, while a dry bar lacks this feature. Both wet bars and dry bars serve the purpose of simplifying the process of entertaining at home. They provide a dedicated area with a spacious counter or bar top where you can prepare drinks and share food, and store your collection of liquors, beverages, mixers and snacks!


When to Choose a Wet Bar:

If you frequently entertain in a separate room from your kitchen, a wet bar offers several advantages. Having a sink allows you to rinse glasses between rounds of drinks or wash blenders after making margaritas, eliminating the need to constantly return to the kitchen. This convenience allows you to be more present with your guests and gives you more freedom to be creative with your menu. Wet bars can be designed to fit any space or functional need, and the DR Design team can even help with built-in miniature or full-sized dish washers, ice makers and fridges, as well as other appliances to make regularly hosting a breeze.


When to Choose a Dry Bar:

Since Dry Bars don’t require plumbing, setting one up is relatively easy and hassle-free. It is also typically the more budget friendly option between the two. Many homeowners combine dry bars with stemware and liquor cabinets, creating a natural combination of style and practicality. With a dry bar, you can set up a dedicated area in any room, requiring only a bit of extra space to accommodate your favorite mixers, beverages, and snacks. While not as versatile as wet bars, dry bars offer simplicity and cost-effectiveness, making them suitable for smaller spaces or situations where plumbing installation is not feasible. Like wet bars, dry bars can easily be designed to include a wine fridge and small appliances to simplify your hosting needs!


Making Your Decision:

Selecting between a wet bar and a dry bar ultimately depends on your preferences and goals for your new space. Here are some factors to consider:


  1. Budget: It’s an obvious point, but knowing how much you’re willing to invest is the biggest first step and typically, a budget can go further when you don’t have plumbing work involved.
  2. Placement: Consider where you plan to install the bar. Wet bars are better suited for spaces where plumbing can be easily connected, while dry bars can be set up almost anywhere.
  3. Frequency of Use: If you frequently host large gatherings or enjoy preparing elaborate drinks, a wet bar’s convenience might be worth the investment.
  4. Installation: Wet bars typically involve more complex plumbing and electrical work, and it’s always best to consult with an expert before starting either type of type of project.
  5. Who Will Use It: Whether it will primarily serve your household or cater to guests, this consideration can influence the size, features, and functionality you require.
  6. Do You Need a Sink: Evaluate how crucial having a sink is for your drink preparation and cleaning needs.
  7. Additional Appliances: Consider any specialty bar items or appliances you’d like to include in the space. Examples would be a small dishwasher, fridge or wine fridge, ice machine, and outlets for easy electrical access.


Now the Fun Part!

Once you’ve decided between a wet bar and dry bar, you’re ready to get the project started! Some folks are excited to take on a DIY project, while others want the guidance and experience that comes with working with a design professional. We always prioritize safety and so even if you ultimately try to tackle a project yourself, we suggest starting by discussing any home remodeling projects with a construction and/or design professional.


Transforming your home into the ultimate entertainment hub is within your reach. By carefully considering the benefits and considerations of wet bars and dry bars, you can make the best decision to fit your style, budget, and goals. Whether you opt for a wet bar with its added convenience or a dry bar that offers simplicity and affordability, the DR Design & Remodel team is here to help you create your perfect home entertaining space and offers Sacramento’s best selection of countertops, cabinetry, and fixtures all in one place!

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