Laminate Flooring

FREE 3 1/4" primed base board with purchase and installation of 500+ sq. ft. of hard surface flooring!

Elk Grove’s Preferred Laminate Flooring Provider

It becomes vital to carefully consider all of your options once you have made the decision to update your flooring. Fortunately, DR Design & Remodel has an expansive selection of laminate flooring solutions within our 5,000 square foot showroom. Additionally, our trained staff has the necessary experience to help you quickly and easily select the appropriate laminate wood flooring to suit your specific needs.

Why should I Choose Laminate Flooring?

There are multiple viable reasons to select this flooring option, especially if you have always wanted to have wooden floors. After all, laminate wood flooring has the same appearance as the real thing, and it is much easier to take care of. You will also be able to take advantage of the fact that laminate flooring is less expensive and more scratch resistant than other options.

What are My Options for Quick Installation?

If you need to have your flooring replaced very quickly, it definitely makes the most sense to utilize DR's showroom because our laminate solutions can be installed much faster than carpet and wooden floors. Schedule an appointment or call to speak with one of our laminated flooring experts, and let’s put together an installation plan that works for you and your budget!

As an added bonus, laminate wood flooring has consistent colors and provides better transitions than the real thing. In other words, you will receive a high-quality product in a short period of time that will stand up to all of your daily foot traffic, and you will be able to save money at the same time.

Do I Have as Many Choices as Carpet?

Many people believe that carpet offers them the most diverse selection, but DR Design & Remodel has enough laminate flooring options to verify that this is not the case. Whether you want your floor to look like dark wood or light stone, we will be able to meet your needs, and our vast showroom has something that will perfectly complement any decorating scheme. Schedule your appointment and we will help you select new flooring that you will be pleased to show off to all of your guests.

Come Visit Our Showroom

One of the biggest advantages of working with DR Design and Remodel is that you can actually come into our showroom, and view the flooring samples side by side, before ever making a purchase. This allows you to conveniently compare different styles and colors of flooring. You can also bring in a sample of your cabinets, or paint, and one of our friendly flooring experts will help you choose the right color and style for you!

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