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Best Preverco Hardwood Flooring Products for Home Remodeling in Elk Grove

Luxury Hardwood Flooring

Perverco is leading the way with a caring commitment to innovation with ...

Innovative Designs

Our designs offer a broad array of selection to address your particular taste and interests.

  • A wide variety of wood species - be it White Oak, White Oak (RQ) Rift and Quartered, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Ash, Hickory, Yellow Birch, Walnut or Sapele - you choose the ideal wood for your decor.
  • A range of finishes to make your floor shine. You choose from Oiled, Mat, Satin, Semi-luster or our pro finish.
  • Five appearances to satisfy every desire. Take a closer look and find the one that suits you. Pure, Nuance, Variation & Variation with knots or PRO - the choice is yours. Our standard random length with a high percentage of longer boards is our norm but the option is yours to select XL with the highest number of primarily long boards.
  • Texture - You’ll love our visible wood grain floors, which are pleasing to look at and touch. Feel the difference with a Brushed, Wave, Edge or an Open Grain texture.

Innovative Technology

A choice of six platforms allows you to install Preverco products anywhere in your home. From the basement to the upper floors, we have technologies adapted to your needs.

Innovative Manufacturing Process

Our process combines years of experience, patience and a keen eye with the very latest in technology in the production of each plank being installed in your home. This helps ensure a product which promotes higher quality installation, superior performance, provides more usable planks - resulting in efficiency with your purchase and enhanced richness and beauty of your wood floor.

See The Difference NOW With Our Visualizer

Click on the hyperlink below then simply take a picture with your smartphone of your room and watch the species and look of your wood floor choice magically appear.

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