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Whether you are remodeling an existing house or designing your dream kitchen from scratch, it is important to consider how every little piece will fit together to create the perfect look. This is especially true in your kitchen and bath because you need the ideal blend of beauty and function to end up with a winning combination that is just as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing.

As an added bonus, handles and knobs make it possible to prevent your cabinets from taking on the mess that often accompanies making delicious meals. This is a vital factor because preventing oils and other substances from having direct contact with your cabinets will allow them to last longer and retain their appearance.

Knobs and handles are also imperative for full-overlay or frameless cabinets. Without these pieces of kitchen cabinet hardware, the cabinets will be impossible to open.

Choosing between Handles and Knobs

DR Design & Remodel displays a comprehensive line of  knobs and pulls to ensure that you're able to get hardware that perfectly suits your needs! This means that you just need to decide between a knob or handle pull style before you get started. Fortunately, there are no hard and fast rules that you need to be concerned about, but we do have some suggestions.

Knobs are a good choice for most cabinet doors, but it will be easier to go with a pull handle for large pantry or pull-out doors. It is also recommended to choose a handle pull for all of your drawers because this is the most simplistic method for opening one. Keep in mind that dishes, pots and pans can get heavy, and handles have the advantage of distributing the weight through your entire hand instead of just your fingertips.

In the past, there was a big interest in using only knobs as kitchen cabinet hardware. This is something you may have noticed while touring older homes or you may have even grown up in a kitchen that was styled this way. The prevailing reason that knobs were so popular is because there wasn't such a diverse list of hardware options back then. Therefore, most interior designers suggest not going with all knobs in order to avoid having a generic and dated look.

Pull handles are often seen in contemporary kitchens, but they are also common in kitchen with a traditional look. In other words, they are multifaceted and won't look out-of-place in any setting. You will have the choice between all horizontal handles or a mixture of horizontal and vertical for your cabinetry. We recommend getting a lightweight pull if your door handles are vertical.

Ultimately, the decision between knobs, pull handles or a mixture of the two is a personal choice, and we take pride in having a diverse selection of styles and finishes available to suit your needs.

Examples of hardware we carry...

Courtesy of Jeffrey Alexander, Top Knobs, and Atlas Homeware.

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