Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Best Cabinets in Elk Grove

Upgrade your kitchen or enhance your new build with beautiful kitchen cabinets. From design to installation, you can find what you need at DR Design & Remodel.

Whether you are giving your kitchen an upgrade or planning for a new build, the kitchen cabinets you choose will have a significant impact on your results. Envision what you want your kitchen space to look like. Now picture your ideal cabinetry. Cutting corners is not an option when it comes to design and functionality. You shouldn’t settle for less than your dream cabinetry. When you work with DR Design & Remodel, you don’t have to.

Let our in-house design team make your kitchen vision reality with gorgeous cabinets that check all of the boxes for you and still fit your budget. Are you interested in a unique configuration for your cabinetry layout? No problem. From custom kitchen cabinets to time-tested brands like Omega, we know you will love the wide range of colors, styles, configurations, and accessories available through DR Design.

Simplify Your Search for Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and options when shopping for cabinets. We make the selection process fun and easy. We welcome you to visit our stunning design showroom to see the cabinets in person. Plus, we will walk you through the process of utilizing our innovative 3D modeling software that enables you to see what different cabinet styles and configurations will look like in your specific kitchen space.

There’s no reason to deal with the hassle of a “big box store” when you can find exactly what you need through DR Design. Will your kitchen be a space for entertaining? Do you have a chef in the family who needs a place to store extra pots, pans, and appliances? Your cabinetry should fit the functionality you have in mind without sacrificing beauty.

Get Hassle-Free Expert Installation

Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinetry is only one part of a successful kitchen remodel or build. You need professional installation you can count on to perform a job well done the first time. Our installers have extensive experience with every cabinet configuration you can imagine. Because we specialize in kitchen cabinets, you won’t have to worry about mistakes or problems that crop up later. We work quickly and accurately, never cutting corners, so you get the results you want for your kitchen space.

It can be confusing and frustrating to deal with different contractors and services for your kitchen remodel or new build. Our satisfied clients love that they can work with one professional team that expertly handles every step of the process—from kitchen cabinet design to installation. At DR Design & Remodel, we are only satisfied with our work when you are and we take full responsibility for the entire project. You’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing you have trusted professionals on the job.

Find the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Beautiful cabinetry is one thing. Matching those kitchen cabinets up with the perfect kitchen hardware is what really takes the project results over the top. You can choose from our impressive, comprehensive line of pulls and knobs designed to help you make the most of your kitchen use. Not sure what you want? Our 3D modeling software and showroom make the selection process easier than ever.

Turn Your Kitchen Cabinet Dream into Reality

Ready to stop dreaming and start designing? Connect with our expert design and installation team at DR Design & Remodel today to bring your kitchen cabinet dream to life. Don’t forget to check out our online gallery of stylish, functional cabinetry and kitchen hardware for some inspiration. We look forward to working with you and helping you to design kitchen cabinets for your kitchen space that exceed your expectations.

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